Choosing a business name

We all know that choosing the right name for your business is important. It will help create the right image for your business and distinguish it from your competitors. But where to start?

Before deciding on your name you should familiarise yourself with the Australian business name registration requirements. A business name is the name under which your business trades and it needs to be registered in every state where trading takes place. To find out more about registering your business name, visit this website:

If you want to set up a company, a company name must be registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). But if you want your company to trade under a different name, then you’re also required to register the trading name as a business name.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that registration of a business, company or domain name does not give you any kind of protection or sole use of that name – only a trade mark can give you that kind of protection. To ensure you have exclusive use of your name throughout Australia you will need to  register your business name as a trade mark .  When you register your business name in your state they will not search to see if you are infringing any trademarks – that is your responsibility.

For more information about registering your business name as a trademark, visit this website:

For more detailed information about the difference between business names, company names and domain names, visit this website:

It is a good idea to do thorough checks before you register your business name. Check that no-one else has the domain name yet, and register that as quickly as possible. Do a trademark search to ensure no-one has already trademarked the name you want.  And a good google search is a great way to see if there are any similar businesses with similar names out there as well. When it comes to naming your business, research is important.


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