South Brisbane Introductory Ideas2Market Workshop 20 May 2010

Last Thursday we held an Introductory Ideas2Market workshop at Eight Mile Plains, in Brisbane. Eighteen participants attended a packed day of presentations, guest speakers and workbook activities.

Special guest speaker Ian Dover gave a presentation on ‘Simpler Business’, explaining the benefits of streamlining your processes and procedures to avoid unnecessary complexity. Ian shared five tips for simpler business:

  1. Think 80/20 in all aspects of your business to always “strive for the most from the least”
  2. Instigate simple, consistent problem solving so that your people “bring solutions rather than problems”
  3. Get everyone focused on Customer Value defined simply as “the things we do that make our customers more successful”
  4. Continuously seek to remove just the few ‘main constraints’ across all the business’ processes
  5. Simplify things before automating them.

More info on Ian and his Simpler Business techniques can be found on his website:

Another popular session at the workshop was our case study guest speaker, Matthew Ellis from Metal Components Pty Ltd. Matthew shared his story from the early days of launching his small business to the current success he enjoys. Refreshingly honest and full of common sense advice, Matthew’s presentation was motivating and inspiring for everyone.

The next Ideas2Market workshop will be a Masterclass, scheduled for Thursday 27 May at Eight Mile Plains. To register, visit

What did the attendees say?

“Very well organised with highly relevant and useful content”
– Rodney Cusack, LifeHaler

“This work shop has been very educational and has given me the boost I need to create my business”
– Rebecca Barnett

“The Ideas2Market courses are a great tool to ensure I keep focussed on the vision of my business. This helps me achieve my goals sooner. It also gives me access to knowledge and expertise required for the next stage of growth.”
– Maria Anderson, Sustainable Marketing


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