Apprentices for your business?

Small businesses often overlook the benefits that can come from hiring an apprentice. To make it even more appealing, the Federal Government has recently announced an additional bonus on top of the existing ‘Tools for your Trade’ payment initiative. Small businesses that hire and retain a young apprentice for training will have access to an extra $3,350 of bonus payments on top of the initial $1,500 commencement initiative.

The apprentices must be under 19 years of age and the trade must be one of the 60 listed in the National Skills Need List. These include a variety of trades such as pastry chefs, tree surgeons, signwriters and more.  This is available for apprentices hired between 12 May 2010 and 12 November 2010.  Worth considering? For more info, visit the website here: 

Have you ever hired an apprentice for your small business? Post a comment and share your experience for other readers – we’d love to know how it worked out.


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