Busy few weeks of workshops!

We have been busy delivering five Ideas2Market Introductory workshops around Queensland over the last few weeks… our schedule has covered Toowoomba, Gympie, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns. Along the way we have heard some very clever ideas from some very motivated people, all of whom are eager to get their products or services out into the market. 

Our case study guest speakers in particular have been inspirational. In Gympie we heard from Sharon Philp, owner of Secretary.com.au, who shared her tips for success and advice about growing a business organically and managing a team of people across a large geographical area. Among her long list of clients is none other than Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read!  Sharon managed to start, run and grow her own business while raising her children at home – no easy task. The Gympie attendees appreciated her open and honest presentation.

In Cairns we were joined by Mark Geddes from In-Depth Video and Photography. Mark was an Ideas2Market attendee two years ago and it has been great to see his business grow since then. He shared his experience in developing an exciting  new product to add to the In-Depth range, emphasising the importance of conducting thorough market research and listening to your target market. His presentation was entertaining and engaging – a true success story!

As always, Paul Harrison from Shelston IP provided attendees with vital information regarding their intellectual property and answered dozens of questions from curious entrepreneurs.  Representatives from AusIndustry also made an appearance at the workshops to keep attendees up to date with the current grants and programs available to support their business endeavours.

We were thrilled to get some excellent feedback from attendees regarding the workshop. Some of the comments included:

“Practical and relevant…free of industry or ‘government speak’ language. Fast paced which was great for the size of our group. Well informed presenters.”
– Gary Fogarty

“It has given me the drive to do something more with my idea. Although I have a LOT of work in front of me, at least I now have some idea where to start.”
– Debbie Riddle

“All presenters had credible experience and relevant stories to back up the modules. Very motivating and realistic account of what it takes to succeed.”
– Helen Newell

We are looking forward to more workshops in the new year! If you’d like to attend an Ideas2Market workshop in 2011, visit the website at www.ausicom.com/ideas2market to see when and where they are scheduled.

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