Real business helped by Ideas2Market: LifeHaler Pty Ltd

In case you were wondering what the attendees of our Ideas2Market workshops go on to achieve, we thought we would share the story of two clever past participants – Mickael Blanc and Rodney Cusack of Brisbane based company, LifeHaler Pty Ltd.

The LifeHaler is a waterproof and wearable asthma inhaler designed for quick and easy administration of asthma medication for those engaging in water sports and physical activities. It initially started out as an idea by inventor Mark Boardman. Mark then progressed through the various stages of design and formed LifeHaler Pty Ltd with business partners Mickael Blanc and Rodney Cusack aiming to commercialise the product in 2011.

During the commercialisation process, Mickael and Rodney participated in the Ideas2Market workshop program, attending both the introductory and the masterclass workshops in Brisbane.

Although the content of the workshops was not all new to them, Ideas2Market did reinforce and refresh many aspects of the innovation-to-commercialisation process. It also provided a forum for ideas sharing and meeting people, ultimately providing important business connections and collaborations.

Significant value was also gained from the real-life experiences of the speakers, particularly around the topics of marketing and seeking government grants and funding.

Mickael Blanc spoke to us a year later and said that attending the workshop was a very positive step in their commercialisation process. He said:

“Entrepreneurs often have to deal with two main issues; making informed decisions which are not based on “gut feelings” and staying in contact with the real world. AIC workshops certainly cater to new entrepreneurs needs in that regard. First by putting them in touch with a network of other entrepreneurs and then by increasing their business acumen. AIC workshops provide strong bases for entrepreneurs to make better educated choices and management decisions.”

 LifeHaler Pty Ltd is currently in the final stages of commercialising its innovative waterproof asthma medication device and is looking for funding to do so. For more information about the company and their product, visit the website at:

UPDATE: One of LifeHaler’s business partners, Mickael Blanc, recently spoke to the AIC about the company’s journey along the commercialisation pathway. To read the interview, visit the AIC website at:


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