Great networks formed at the Gympie Ideas2Market Workshop

The Gympie Ideas2Market Introductory Workshop was held on Wednesday 19 October.  A group of talented, motivated and creative entrepreneurs converged on the Gympie Conference Centre to learn more about how to take their ideas to market.

Boosted along by the conveniently placed coffee machine (Ten cups in one day? Really, Clint?) the group spent the day learning about business structures, feasibility analysis, market research, marketing and business planning, as well as listening to our guest speakers Paul Harrison from Shelston IP and Julie Williams from AgSolutions. The best thing about the Gympie I2M group was the way they continually shared ideas and advice during the day. This has continued after the workshop, with the group sending emails sharing tips and tools while offering mutual support.

This is what I love to see coming out of these workshops – a group of inspired entrepreneurs who have not only gained and shared information, but also built themselves a great network of business contacts on which they can rely in the coming years. Starting a business is hard work and it can be lonely. The more people you can add to your support network, the better – something this group seems to know already!

Thank you to the Gympie Ideas2Market attendees for their enthusiasm and participation. It was fantastic to meet each and every one of you!


Part of the Email Trail from the Gympie I2M Group

“Hi Guys, I just wanted to say that it was great to meet all of you at the work shop on Wednesday and a huge thanks to Cameron, Genevieve, Paul and Julie for sharing your own personal expertise and experience. It was a valuable day and the coffee was a hit!

I would also like to invite you to follow my journey and keep in touch by liking my face book page via the following link:

I wish you all the best with your personal ventures and the best of luck.

Kind Regards, Tim.”


“I have to echo Tim’s comments. It was a very useful day for me, and has not only inspired my work with Pooch To 5k but has rekindled my interest in other almost forgotten projects.Thanks again to Cameron, Genevieve, Paul and Julie. Thanks to everyone else in the room as well for their useful insights and enthusiasm.

I mentioned an application for your website that allows people to pay for a product, such as a download, recipe, or plan with a tweet or facebook like. The product is linked here: . We’ll be putting it on Pooch To 5k’s website for people to download our training program and on some other on-line businesses we have also.

I’ll keep an eye out and hopefully see everyone’s name up in lights as successes at their chosen businesses.

All the best.  Francis.”


Photos from the day

Gympie Ideas2Market Cameron Johns Presenting

Gympie Ideas2Market Paul Harrison Presenting

Gympie Ideas2Market Participants


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