Don’t be mean…Let’s share!

I received an email this morning from Trevor McKendrick, a “big fan of Ideas2market” (his own words!). Trevor wrote to say:

“I wanted to suggest a possible site for your blogroll about entrepreneurship that I recently found that I think readers like me would enjoy. It’s called and it’s by a really successful entrepreneur (or at least that’s what his bio says, ha). Regardless, I think the content and advice he gives is great. :)”

I was happy he’d taken the time to write, and it made me think about sharing.

Entrepreneurs are often doing it alone. The only person giving direction is yourself, so any outside help is appreciated. It might be a tip from another entrepreneur, a useful website or a link to a quality supplier – anything that makes the struggle a little less grueling is valuable.

It’s easy for business to become mean. In the interests of protecting their competitive advantage, business owners can think they have to guard their resources, ideas and contacts like misers with their gold. But of course, the opposite is true. The more you help other people, by sharing advice, experiences, resources and contacts, the more help you will get in return.

In today’s world we are embracing collaboration in so many forms. We’re smart enough to realise that working together often produces an end result far better than that we could create alone. Why should start-up business be any different?

Let’s share our ideas, our resources, our tips and advice. It’s a fantastic way to be better than we ever could be on our own.

The link to Trevor’s suggested site is below, along with a few other sites I visit frequently. Do you have some sites that you have found useful?


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