What a great year!

2011 has been a great year for Ideas2Market workshops!

We have met some fantastic business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors on our travels around Queensland. Here’s what some of them had to say about our workshops…


“I am so happy I came today as I now feel that I have direction and help to move forward.”

– Zandra Zigic, Superlife Systems.


“Valuable content for any business owner, particularly people just starting out. This course should be mandatory for all people wanting to set up a business.”

– Daniel Di Mascio, Del Mondo Property Group.


“Loved the interaction and everyone’s willingness to answer questions.”

– Colette Ryan, Bontech


“Excellent information gathering. Excellent value for money. Very worthwhile day spent. I got so much out of the workshop and it certainly is tremendous value.. thanks again”

– Bob West


“An absolute eye-opener. There is so much information for innovators available… wish it went for two days!’

– Nic Zymaras, Random Press


Cam and the Ideas2Market class in Townsville










Cairns Ideas2Market workshop



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