3 thoughts on “Logo and branding on a budget

  1. i manage a website, http://www.imaginewhatsnext.com and as a consequence come into contact with many new entrepreneurs looking to build brand identity and logos. one of the things often missing is the understanding that brand needs cover all aspects of your business and the imagery that follows in a logo is a representation of this, rather than the other way around. what this means in terms of budget is that much of it comes from the entrepreneurs development rather than spending big budgets on design.

    1. Hi Peter, very true – it’s important to understand your vision for the business and what you’re trying to communicate BEFORE commissioning a logo and brand design. Thanks for your comment!

  2. This is probably an ok strategy for designing a logo but the branding will take some time and effort. However, it’s worth the investment of time and money so your business can grow as a result of your marketing and branding efforts. You could have the most creative and up to date logo in the world but if it doesn’t get out into the world few people will be able to find you much less hire you.

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