Free webinar to help improve your pitch presentation

Are you in the process of seeking funding or support for your businesses? This might help…

Anthill is providing a free webinar titled: Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch: The 6 Worst Presentation Habits and How You Can Avoid Them. It’s running on Wednesday 21 March, at 1 PM Australian EDT.

The webinar presenter Tim Wackel will reveal the 6 worst presentation habits that put barriers between you and your listener. You’ll also learn unique and proven methods for conquering these habits so that you can become a more polished, professional and inspiring presenter.

Register for the free webinar here:

Anthill puts on these free webinars quite regularly – they are an excellent source of information and they cost nothing more than your time. Sign up to the Anthill mailing list to be informed when new webinars are scheduled. You can do that here:

Pitch your business idea


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