Introductory Workshops

The Ideas2Market Introductory Workshop is a comprehensive introduction to starting a business and taking an innovative idea to market.


This workshop is designed for those who would like to start a business, novice inventors, or those with early-stage business ideas.
  • Discover low cost marketing ideas for your business
  • Learn how to pitch your idea to investors and customers
  • Determine which company structure suits your business
  • Explore the basic tools you need for business finance
  • Strategies to identify and protect your intellectual property

Topics covered in the workshop include: determining feasibility of your idea, business planning, intellectual property, marketing, accessing funding, government grants, commercialisation pathways and more.

An initiative of the Queensland Government’s Department of Sciene, Information Technology,  Innovation and the Arts, the Ideas2Market small business workshops are delivered around Queensland by the AIC’s experienced facilitators and include a range of guest speakers including patent attorneys and real-life business case studies.

To see when the next Introductory Ideas2Market workshop is being held in your region, check the events listing on our website:


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